Exile Election ‘Exile’ image trailer

Nippon Ichi Software has released a new “Exile” image trailer for Exile Election, its upcoming death game adventure title. As previously detailed, the adventure game sees a group of people trapped in an amusement park and forced to “elect” from among them who will be “exiled” one by one until only two people remain. Exile […]

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Watch your house burn in this game from the Fire Service

The New Zealand Fire Service has launched a 360 degree interactive experience that allows users to experience a real house fire first-hand.

The Fire Service describes Escape My House as a world-first initiative that can be played via a browser with a mouse or via VR using a mobile phone and Google Cardboard.

Escape My House uses real video footage from an actual house burning down in Palmerston North. The fire was ignited by a clothes horse left too close to a heater – one of the most common ways house fires are started.

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Japanese limited edition detailed

Amazon Japan has gone up with its listing for the newly announced Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, providing details on the 3DS remake’s “Perfect Edition” limited edition, as well as the official box art and three new screenshots. For 9,800 yen, the Perfect Edition will include: A copy of the game Special-make box Two-disc complete CD […]

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Switch Joy-Con desync issue fixed with foam

The Switch’s Joy-Con desync problem is thanks to a manufacturing fault that can be fixed, Nintendo says.

The company also claims that newer Joy-Con models don’t contain the fault at all.

Numerous Switch owners have complained about the left Joy-Con desyncing since the system launched earlier this month. The fault only occurs when the Joy-Cons are used wirelessly.

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Kiwi duo releases Frontier, a VR shooter for the Vive

A pair of Kiwis that quit tertiary study to make games have just released their first – a VR shooter for the Vive.

Jack Huygens and Dylan Brodie, age 19 and 20 respectively, decided to put their studies on hold in order to enter the games industry, and under the company name of Gaugepunk Games released Frontier VR last week.

Huygens was in his second year of a bachelor of software engineering at Victoria and Brodie was in his first year of media production at Massey when the two flatmates decided to change direction.

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ME: Andromeda character creator might get tweaked

Those who feel that Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s character creator is needlessly restrictive will be happy to hear that it is one part of the game BioWare is looking to improve.

The creator has been criticised by some for omitting options for things like eyebrow modification, as well as for its limited skin tone selection. Some players have also found that their Ryder looks fine in the creator, only to resemble an HR Giger remix of their original vision when the game actually starts.

The creator does have one cool feature though: it alters how your parents look as you change your own appearance. It’s quite like real life in that sense: you get a neck tattoo, and your parents look ashamed to have raised you.

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The King of Fighters XIV character DLC ‘Vanessa’ announced

The third fighter joining The King of Fighters XIV as paid downloadable content will be Vanessa, publisher Atlus announced. The hard-hitting Vanessa made her first appearance in The King of Fighters ’99. She “rocks her opponents with nasty hooks and devastating combos.” Previously announced downloadable characters include Whip and Ryuji Yamazaki. A release date for […]

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Premature Evaluation: Oxygen Not Included

Every week we warp Brendan into the gaseous caverns of early access to see if he can find precious games worth playing in the gloom. This time, the subterranean space colonisation of Oxygen Not Included [official site] Everything is covered in piss. When I branded my new space colony ‘Yellow Water Station’ I did so […]

Rocket League gets Dropshot mode and Easter treats

Rocket League [official site] was already our favourite game of 2015 but today it finally becomes proper football with the addition of a new mode where players will smash a load of windows to score points. Dropshot is its name, and bopping the ball to break open goalholes in the floor of your opponent’s half […]

Arma 3 details plans for Jets, Malden, Tanks, and more

Bohemia’s military sim Arma 3 [official site] is three years old but goodness me, it’s not slowing down. Bohemia have laid out their content plans for the next year, which include a free remake of Operation Flashpoint’s island of Malden, and paid DLC covering new jets, new gear, new missions, and so on, then creeping […]

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